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Kindle Heat Lamps- 05.17.11

lamp0.jpg There’s no denying that Kindle Living has some of the nicest heat lamps around. In fact, its surprising that there aren’t more designs that make better use of people’s natural tendencies to cluster under heat lamps… love that these are beautiful designs (though a bit alice in wonderland with the HUGE scaled traditional looking lamp look), more functional than purely heating - with the ability to provide lighting, cocktail tables, and even customized shades and more. But what’s most fascinating that i just discovered, is HOW they are actually assembled. When researching heat lamps for my friend’s patio, we started reading up on all the details, and discovered the assembly guide filled with pics! Surprisingly easy, i’m tempted now… even though it doesn’t get THAT chilly here! Take a peek on the next page!





A peek at them lining the Valet entrance of the Mandarin Oriental in City Center, Las Vegas… lamp6.jpg

And how to put it all together! lamp7.jpg







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Thanks for the post and comments. The point made in Note 1 by SHU is why we engineered the Kindle in the first place. Yes we love to design but, we wanted to make it work better too! Let me explain…

Shade: The shade is used to protect the burner from the wind blowing it and causing heat loss or even lack of heat as the burner blows out from the wind

Burner: Everyone talks BTUs when you talk heaters but really, it means nothing if the burner is not even working or if the wind is blowing out part of the burner that is creating the heat in the first pace

Shade: The shade has a patented material on the inside of the shade that is used to heat the air inside the shade. The heat is still radiated but so is the air inside the shade. The air-gap inside the shade creates a hurricane lamp like effect, pushing the hot air down to the people sitting around it.

It creates a more consistent canopy of heat at a lower level…
It looks better, works better, is recyclable, UV8 protected and doesn’t look like a rusted, dented bar-b-q on a stick!

Thanks again for posting on the notcot website. We have gotten a lot of feedback about your post!

Kindle Living

----- David @ Kindle Living 21.05.11 09:36

I love the design. Aesthetically it’s feels much like being Alice in Wonderland.

However this still doesn’t solve the original problem. Those gas stands only succeeds in heating mostly the head, not the feet, or the lower torso.

If you can create something to flip those heaters upside down, then they would be more useful. Or even better if you can figure out how to prevent the enormous heat loss… which inevitably happens as hot air can only rise, then you might have a winner.

----- Shu 18.05.11 23:55

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